13 Minutes to the Moon Podcast

For those who love space and aeronautics. To those who dreamed of someday reaching the stars. As, well as for anyone who has ever wondered what the mission to the moon was really like. How the first moon landing was saved. The full story of the people who made Apollo 11 happen and prevented it from going badly wrong. Hosted by Kevin Fong. Theme by Hans Zimmer. This is a podcast for all astronauts at heart.


About The Podcast Host Kevin Fong

Prior to this, Kevin worked with NASA’s Human Adaptation and Countermeasures Office, as part of their artificial gravity pilot study team. He helped develop medical procedures for the X-38 Assured Crew Return Vehicle – a spacecraft that was once set to become the world’s first space ambulance.

Currently, a practicing doctor in the NHS, he works as both an Anesthesia Consultant at the UCL Hospitals and a flying doctor with the Kent, Surrey, and Sussex Air Ambulance. An aspiring astronaut himself, Kevin applied to ESA’s astronaut selection process in 2008.

Why This Host Is Special

Driven by his love for space medicine, Kevin founded the Centre for Altitude, Space, and Extreme Environment Physiology at UCL in 2000. And has worked with British National Space Centre, the UK Space Agency, and ESA to help further UK involvement in human space flight.

Kevin is a clinical doctor with a unique rate of interest precede medication. Very certified, he holds levels in Astrophysics and Medication from College University London (UCL), a level in Astronautics as well as Room Design from Cranfield College and has actually finished room clinical training at both Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers.