Bronzeville Podcast Season One Review


Bronzeville Podcast Review


Bronzeville the podcast is based on the book Black Metropolis written by St. Clair Drake and Horace R. Cayton, Jr. The book is a sociological and anthropological study of the urban experience of African-Americans in the early half of the 20th century.


Bronzeville Cast:


Laurence Fishburne Bronzeville Curtis Eyeball Randolph



Laurence Fishburne: Mr. Fishburne has played many roles across a wide landscape of complexities. From cult favorites to classic dramas, Laurence is one of those “once in a lifetime” actors of a rare class. In Bronzeville, he plays Curtis “Eyeball” Randolph a sort of godfather like figure that helped Bronzeville become the place it was after much pain and bloodshed.







Larenze Tate Bronzeville Jimmy Tillman


Larenz Tate: Larenz is a Chicago born actor who got his start in the acting world via show and movies such as The Twilight Zone, 21 Jump Street, The Wonder Years, and Menace 2 Society. Larenz appears in Bronzeville as Jimmy “Lucky” Tillman, a main character and a huge driving force behind the story narrative.






Tika Sumpter Bronzeville Lisa Copeland


Tika Sumpter: Tika, a New York native raised in Queens got her start making appearances on shows such as Law & Order, One Life to Live, and Final Space. Tika plays Lisa Copeland in Bronzeville in an important role that you’ll enjoy following.






Other noteworthy cast members: Omari Hardwick, Tracee Ellis Ross, Wood Harris, Lahmard Tate, and Cory Hardrict.


The Story:

The story takes place in the 1940’s and in Chicago. Bronzeville got it’s name from The Defender a local newspaper that came up and associated the name with the urban neighborhood. This series focuses on the internal structure and complexities of social aspects that can make or break a society. From the criminal aspects to the fallout from that life. It takes a gander at the hopes and aspirations of working class African-Americans and the sacrifices they were willing to make to ensure the following generation had more opportunity to succeed. While sometimes Bronzeville presents a glamorous look at life on its streets it also clearly paints the underbelly of life in these times.

Production and Directors:

Bronzeville is produced and directed by:  Cinema Gypsy, Tate Men Productions, and directed by K.C. Wayland. K.C. is best known as one of the pioneers of audio drama. His work with the award winning We’re Alive series of podcasts has garnered Mr. Wayland a following and respect previously not found in the podcast world.


Why We Love Bronzeville:

Bronzeville has a combination of scoring, writing, production, and acting that is unrivaled. It’s easy to understand why the Tate brothers have attempted to bring this series to our television screens and I hope it ends up happening. With the music backing of 1500 or Nuthin’, an all-star cast of performance, and a story narrative based on real events, this show is something special for everyone.





Bronzeville Podcast
Bronzeville Podcast Season One Review
What makes Bronzeville so Great
Helmed by a very talent group of actors
Excellent storytelling
Scored by 1500 or nothin'
Impeccable production quality
Solid cliffhanger ending to the season
The only bad thing..
Too long between seasons..although with all of the famous names attached one can understand