Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast Review


Today we are reviewing the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast. This podcast is hosted by AJ Osbourne who is a proven and trusted financial wizard. One of the first things that will jump out at the listener upon the first few minutes is the sheer quality of this podcast as well as the soothing voice of the host. Taking a few minutes to listen to another business or finance focused podcast you’ll understand just how much more enjoyable this is. With the focus of this podcast being “building financial wealth and independent freedom” the host tackles a wide range of topics that hold huge importance and attention to detail when it comes to building wealth.

AJ Osbourne is also known for his Self Storage Income Podcast which focuses on building recurring income through Self Storage business models. As an entrepreneur, I know first hand just how difficult and challenging creating independent freedom is, alongside his co-host AJ navigates these waters with real world experience and clear explanations about the challenges and offers insights on his own philosophy as long as his own personal journey.


What really drew me into this podcast was the episode “How to Supercharge Wealth Building”, this episode really focused on ramping up the growth of your income at an accelerated rate. The episode starts off addressing real estate which is a very challenging market for most of us, even as homeowners prior to taking a dip into the market. AJ’s pacing and focus on the micro details means you have no need to pause the episode to figure out what something he said means. Another highlight which is eye opening was the discussion of melding revenue streams to helping them grow as well as the attention to taxation rates and how to offset that with the depreciation of other investments.

Who This Podcast Is For:

This podcast isn’t just for individuals like myself who are trying to become financially independent, it is also for anyone who wants to make the most out of their savings or their retirement fund. Even if you aren’t looking to invest or build out a business there is much on offer here, from ways to look at taxes, to risk, to financial literacy. Save yourself the headaches and stop relying on the advice of people trying to sell you courses or programs, AJ, Rock, and Connor offer better, clearer, and more actionable information than you could ever compile yourself through research.

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Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast Review
The Verdict
For those of you who are interested in financial literacy and independence, AJ Osbourne is here for the rescue. The Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast is very listener friendly and moves at a pace where you can easily learn and not feel lost. I would highly recommend that you follow this podcast and share it with friends. Two thumbs up!
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