Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

Produced by WarnerMedia, Down The Hill is a true-crime podcast about the murders of 2 young girls. Abby and Libby have been victims whose killer remains at large. Authorities launched a three-year investigation centered around a voice recording one of the victims made of the killer on their cell phone. In the recording, the killer is heard giving them instructions to go down a hill which is the last time they were seen alive.




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This podcast covers all of the information available to law enforcement and investigators. With this information, they look at the facts and try to piece together answers to this yet to be solved crime. The deaths of these two young girls still haunts the town of Delphi, Indiana. Delphi is a small community just shy of three thousand residents so the loss was shared by all who live there and still does. If you are interested in more details of this crime, ABC News has great coverage.

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