How To Grow Your Podcast Audience


The podcast business is booming. That is both a curse and a gift. On one hand, the numbers seem good. Edison Research reports
The podcast industry controls an audience of approximately 90 million Americans in 2019. That is 32% of everybody 12 or older from the U.S. That amount was 57 million in 2018. Obviously, a growing number of people are listening to podcasts. On the other hand, numbers mean a great deal of competition. The most dependable data says that there are approximately 750,000 distinct podcasts, with over 30 million episodes. You may be wondering if it is even possible growth of your audience and to carve out a space of your own. I am here to tell you that yes, it is still possible. Actually, there are true and tried actions that you can take to maximize your podcast listeners and turn them into brand and episode ambassadors.

Here Are Some Ideas For Marketing Your Podcast

  • Creating constant valuable partnerships for your podcast is an object that is attractive. Say your podcast is about technology, contact smaller players in that industry and team up for giveaways and/or exclusive coupons for your audience. This experience trains your listener to expect this type of opportunity and experience. It also serves as free information and content topics for your episodes. For your promotional partner, you are offering a billboard directly to their targeted demographic. It’s low-cost advertising and brand trust exposure. This exposure is happening in a contained medium where the user is unlikely to ignore it or skip the ad or information itself.
  • Become a guest: Contact other podcast hosts in your niche or outside of your niche that may speak about your niche from time to time. This helps introduce you to their established audience and gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personality and expertise in said topic or category. Most hosts introduce you by name and mention your podcast, at the end of your appearances most will give you a window to promote channels where your contact or information is located.
  • Syndication:  There’s a good deal of podcasting platforms on the market, and it is in your best interest to be seen on as many of them as you can. It is simple, simply visit these directories and submit your feed, it takes very little time. Here are some of the platforms you should submit your podcast feed to.

Popular Podcast Directories

Apple Podcasts


Pocket Casts


Start a Blog/Website

Blogging and brand SEO are two important factors in getting the most out of the available audiences interested in the topic or category you cover on your show. Having your own website doesn’t cost much but creating clear and detailed podcast-related articles does take up time. The effort and time invested won’t make your website a highly trafficked destination. Yet it makes you the host and the podcast much more visible. Implementing subscription to newsletter fields allows you to gain a way of contacting your audience directly at any time. Providing updates, information or transcripts of your show, and other links to your social accounts. If you want to turn up your marketing efforts collecting contact information of your listeners is vital towards regaining any who may stop listening or subscribing to your show over time.

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