How To Start A Podcast Part 1

Our Series Guide On How To Launch A Podcast


How To Start A Podcast is a multiple part series where we walk our readers through the process of creating a podcast start to finish. Each part of this series will cover different elements that require attention, implementation, or work.

In this entry, we will start with selecting a podcast theme or category, a name, and branding.


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Select a Podcast Category or Theme:


If you haven’t done this yet, I recommend that you start right here. The category or theme of your podcast is vital to every subsequent step you take. There are a large number of categories for topics to cover. If you watch a ton of television or movies then entertainment or TV & Film are ideal for you. Yet, if you are big on comedy then maybe a combination of those and comedy might be ideal. What matters here is understanding what your strong talking topics are. An audience loves personality and informed opinions, picking something that is foreign to you is going to create a pretty boring experience for you both.

To Do:

  • Identify your primary topic of choice.
  • Figure out what category it belongs under.
  • Listen to podcasts you will compete against.
  • Read the reviews of these shows and identify factors the audience loves.
  • Take notes on the personality of the hosts and how they split their show up.


  • Drink Champs: These guys talk to musicians while they drink and share outrageous stories.
  • Behind The Bastards: These folks share obscure details on world leaders while providing comedy relief.
  • Disgraceland: The host tells the stories of disgraced musicians with little known information.

The thing that makes shows like these popular is that you enjoy the format and one doesn’t introduce comedy because it’s a serious show with facts you can also read about on their website. The hosts are absolute experts on their topics and have authenticity which creates trust.


Select a Podcast Name:


A short and easy to remember name is always best. See the examples I have provided above. These are two and three-word names and they are easy to remember while providing some coverage of the topic. Picking something too complex, too far out of range of topic, or too long is going to affect your marketing and branding efforts.

To Do:

  • Find a name you like that covers your topic.
  • Check to see if the name is in use already.
  • Use a synonym dictionary to find variables of words.
  • Keep the name at a maximum of four words, three or two words are better.

Podcast Name Examples:

Each of these names is short and almost impossible to forget. Each in a direct or indirect way gives you an idea of what topic or category they fit. This means the potential listener has less reason to go search for reviews or ratings and is more likely to just press play or subscribe to your podcast feed.

Create Podcast Logo and Banner Identities:



This is the first point of branding your podcast and a very important part of drawing the eye of listeners. Yes, you can simply open up a paint or photoshop software set and create your own but how professional will it look? Not very. There is a reason why graphic designers are in demand and here is an example of why that is. Can you get away with your own graphic design or logo? Sure, but sooner or later you will realize what you are competing against and want to upgrade. This, unfortunately, it might be too late as you already have a small audience that is used to one set of branded images and recognizes you for that.

Having a logo or promotional images isn’t expensive, it really isn’t. I have had images made for as little as five dollars and many graphic designers just getting started are willing to work with you on the cheap to help grow their portfolios.

Where To Hire Graphic Designers Cheap:


  • Fiverr: Fiverr is a great place to find budget talent and even very experienced talent. So to help you get started and save some money click this link to get your first order for work on Fiverr for free. You can look through the services categories and find many wonderful graphic designers.
  • Freelancer is a great place to hire talent for works where you set the budget ahead of time. One of the things I love about this platform is I can turn my needs into a contest and have work presented to me from many talented people instead of settling on one. Simply provide details of what you need when you post a job and list it as a contest, you can even find freelance workers to invite to your contest. The results are going to be better than if you work with one single designer. To help you get started click this link and get $20 free to use on your first job posting. Add ten or fifteen more to that and post a job or simply use the $20 to get your logo created for free.


Ok, so now we are off to a start with launching your first podcast show. In the next part, we will cover the recording part of starting a podcast and editing the content you’ve created.

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