REAL AF with Andy Frisella Podcast Review


Let’s start off with who Andy Frisella the host and mind behind REAL AF is. Andy, for all intents and purposes is a winner. Taking a look at his body of work and the results of his focus and efforts. This let’s you know right from the start that “WINNER” fits this alpha entrepreneur. A business mind with a drive that is only found among the biggest success stories and with a discipline that makes him relentless, his energy is both intoxicating as well as motivating. This new podcast plugs you right into this energy and removes the filters you may found on other shows.


Andy Frisela
Andy Frisela




Andy is a self made man who learned and made his way in the world through sheer desire and ambition. His guidance and mentoring has been invaluable across a large number of mediums.

The Co-Host:

Vaughn Kohler: Vaughn is the perfect pairing for a co-host of Andy’s caliber. He lends his quick witted nature and business acumen to be the supportive yang to Andy’s yin. Vaughn is a former pastor and has guided the careers and ambitions of countless entrepreneurs. This is Vaughn’s second foray into podcasting alongside Andy, he can be heard on “The MFCEO Project Podcast.” Click here to learn more about Vaughn Kohler.

The Podcast:

Andy and Vaughn sit in a relaxed setting where they are free to speak their minds and share their opinions on a wide range of topics. Based on their views of the world, society, and business to name a few. The topics you are getting unfiltered truth from two entertaining men. Within the first ten minutes of the debut episode of this podcast you’ll know “Real AF” is exactly what you are getting. If you aren’t sensitive to four letter words and love passion from your hosts this is a great fit for you.

Who Is This Podcast For?:

This is a show for anyone who loves truth and hates the politically correct culture we live under. Andy pulls no punches and delivers a raw and sharp tongued critique and opinion on the world itself. This is not a political show, it isn’t any one thing. It’s like paella, full of ingredients but delivering one tasty dish you can’t get enough of. You will find yourself nodding in agreement, laughing along to the humor and topics, and even rethinking some of your own opinions on life and society.

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REAL AF with Andy Frisella Podcast
REAL AF with Andy Frisella Podcast Review
Final Thoughts
If you can handle honest and abrasive opinions, you will absolutely become addicted to this podcast. Proven winners in business and life will shock you and make you laugh constantly.
Great hosts and topics
Excellent production quality
Long episodes (hour long)
Unfiltered and uncensored
The only bad thing..
May be a bit too unfiltered for some listeners

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