The MFCEO Project Podcast Review


What can be said about Andy Frisella that would truly capture his spirit? Winner? Visionary? A man who should be on television? All of those would definitely apply. The MFCEO Project is a power movement by a player who has won at the game. While some may not agree with his colorful language, sometimes that’s the force you need to drive a point. Frisella pulls no punches and gives it to you straight and raw. Just the way a friend would.

So why should you care about this podcast? Because we believe it will make you a smarter business person. I personally think that it’ll help some potential entrepreneurs get over their jitters and will help them shed the thin skin. Andy is a refreshing voice in a world clouded by politically correct, sometimes the sugary message doesn’t help you actually play at this business game.

One episode I cannot stop recommending is “Overcoming The Fears That Keep Us Ordinary” and that is because it delivers such a truthful telling that sometimes may be hard to listen in other settings. It’s a must have moment in all of our lives. Andy, does his best to keep us grounded while telling us how to fly. Let that sink in, maybe in a second it’ll make sense to you.

Each episode is rich factual information and truthful which is just along the direction Andrew wants to keep you. Stop being ordinary, stop being limited by your fears, stop wasting time and opportunity. What separates winners from losers can often be the mentor you don’t have or have. Now you can listen to a mentor that will not require you kissing their behind or winning them over.


What Makes This Podcast Excellent?


Welcome to the real world son! Is a statement I make often to set an example among my friends. Tough love is often what really drives home a message. Business is one of those areas where tough love can save you thousands or millions, if not your sanity. Andy removes that limit we set upon ourselves by showing us exactly what might be holding us back and keeping us from our end goal in life.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes sarcastic but always honest and bold.


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The MFCEO Project Podcast Review
What We Love
Factual information
Advice quality
The only bad thing..
The series seems to have come to an end..we think it should be revived

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