The Next Big Idea Podcast

Perhaps you simply need to learn how to execute it. Welcome to a podcast that pushes you to win.

Think bigger. Create better. Live smarter. Ideas are coming at you every day from all directions. Where do you even start? Hosted by Rufus Griscom, and featuring thought-leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink, This show brings you the most groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the way you live, work, and think. Each episode dives deep into one big idea through immersive storytelling, narration, and curator interviews with the most interesting authors at work today.

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More About This Podcast Show

This podcast helps you rewire your brain and how you may look at the world. The most successful people over the past 30 years have been those who spot an opportunity where others have missed them. Steve Jobs saw an opportunity in design and function. Bill Gates saw opportunity in user experience and everyday needs. Jeff Bezos saw opportunity initially in published books and eventually the same opportunity across many markets. The thing these billionaires all share is their focus, vision, and drive to achieve.

Success isn’t a milestone, it’s a way of life, and each episode helps you find your inner entrepreneur and adopt the philosophy and mentality of proven winners. With a large number of ever-evolving guests, the hosts not only deliver, but you’ll be much smarter for your time spent listening.