Top 5 Podcasts January 2020


Our Top 5 Podcasts for the start of the year are based on their popularity and reviews. Each of these shows is exceptional in what they offer their audience. Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.


5. Armchair Expert With Dax Shephard:

Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert should not be just as good as it is. The host, Dax Shepard, interviews renowned people as well as the occasional scholar or journalist. There’s no room for development in this style. Comedians like Marc Maron and also Pete Holmes have already caught it (as well as besides, Terry Gross was surpassing everybody long before the term podcast existed). Yet Shepard’s frequently unexpected and remarkable visitors. Integrated with his capability to pull tales as well as discourse that you wouldn’t hear on a TELEVISION talk show or in a lot of print interviews has actually promptly risen him into the elite world of podcast hosting.

Yes, Dax can be ridiculous. Where his filled with air sense of self is specifically grating. Yet it’s all component of the vaguely ridiculous “armchair expert” ambiance. Shepard’s co-host as well as producer, Monica Padman, penetrates at the end of each episode when she fact-checks his several insurance claims. And also, the terrific Kristen Bell undoubtedly sees something in Shepard due to the fact that she married him, to make sure that’s factor enough to give it a try. In fact, begin with the very first episode, in which Shepard meetings Bell, as well as the two get genuine regarding their connection.


4. We’re Alive Podcast

We’re Alive Podcast - Top 5 Podcasts January 2020
We’re Alive Podcast

We’re Alive in my opinion makes the walking dead tv show seem dated. This podcast is a a show in the audio form. It is one we hope a network or movie studio picks up. Created and produced by the living legend K.C. Wayland and his Wayland Productions, this show has been downloaded or streamed over 100 million times. When it comes to original screenplay and narrative, K.C. nails it big time. A list of characters where the listener is left to find one particular one to like. Oh yeah, don’t be surprised if you end up in arguments with friends over which one that is.

The original series launched in 2010 and most recently introduced an add-on via the “Goldrush” series which takes some characters from later in the show who are beloved by the audience and gives them a great narrative to deliver. To call this show one of the most entertaining ever created doesn’t do it justice. It’s so good that it is now also available in audiobook format. Someone tell Rick from TWD to eat his heart out.


3. Crime Junkie Podcast

Crime Junkie Podcast



Crime Junkie Podcast: There are minutes when Crime Junkie’s co-host, Brit Prawat, seems like the podcast’s very own in-studio audience. Prawat likes to react to what host Ashley Flowers tells her, and she frequently sounds shocked. “Full. Body. Chills.” and also “Wait, what?” are simply two of her usual catchphrases, and also she repeats them so usually you can be forgiven for rolling your eyes. Flowers also acknowledges Prawat’s reputation for these exclamations, claiming throughout an episode without Prawat, “You individuals, if Brit were here, I recognize this is when she would claim ‘Wait, what’.” Because of these reactions, instead of merely listening to a story, we are commonly paying attention to Prawat listen to a tale, a function she tackles with excitement.

As Prawat’s excited reactions show, it is also a podcast made by fans of real crime. In one episode, she claims she is glad she participated in such a large high school due to the fact that all of her dental presentations were about serial killers– not precisely what you desire to be known for.

For The Mystery and Crime Fan

Flowers’s fandom likewise includes the means she discusses her study for the show. She does not just inform the listener facts however insists on discussing what media she learned them from. “All my inquiries got laid to rest when I watched the Oxygen special,” she once says, referring to real crime-focused TV network.

A lot of episodes are in between thirty mins and a hr as well as consist of Blossoms providing her informing of a crime, one normally including murder or a disappearance. Prawat reacts to what Flowers says and often provides a different viewpoint on the case.

There are moments when Crime Junkie’s co-host, Brit Prawat, seems like the podcast’s own in-studio target market. Due to the fact that of these reactions, rather than just listening to a story, we are often listening to Prawat listen to a story, a duty she takes on with enthusiasm.

As Prawat’s excited reactions reveal, it is additionally a podcast made by followers of real crime. Prawat responds to what Flowers claims as well as occasionally gives a various viewpoint on the situation.


2. Bronzeville Podcast

Bronzeville Podcast


The Bronzeville Podcast: Bronzeville offers a line-up that rivals that of most tv shows and big studio films in terms of talented performers. Larenz Tate and Laurence Fishburne lead a cast of wonderful performers who deliver this story in glorious vividness. The show also worked on by the legend K.C. Wayland from our We’re Alive Podcast choice above. The music is original and crafted by the Grammy winning group 1500 or nothin’ and the story is based on the book “The Black Metropolis.”

Bronzeville is an anthropological and sociological research of the African-American metropolitan experience in the first fifty percent of the 20th century. Published in 1945, later on expanded editions added some product associating with the 1950s and 1960s. Depending on huge research study conducted in Chicago. Primarily as component of a Works Development Management program, Drake and also Cayton produced, according to the Encyclopedia of African American Background, a “foundational message in African American background, cultural researches, and city sociology.

Laurence Fishburne is regional mobster Curtis Randolph and Tika Sumpter is Lisa Copeland, that has actually simply finished from university. However missed out on the ceremony due to the fact that black pupils weren’t allowed to go up on phase. Possibly one day they’ll let us be part of the program,” she claims, climbing over it, just as she does when her white close friends patronise her.

Bronzeville citizens chase the American desire, yet damage the surface area and also you’ll discover a below ground gaming racket and the need to stay solid when faced with racial stress. “Everyone recognizes what takes place if we don’t stand with each other,” states Randolph, sensibly. When Jimmy is told that the Soviet Union has laws against bias, he’s negative. “Exactly how’s that work?” he jeers. “They found out how to ban what people think?”

Brilliance In Audio

When Jimmy and also Lisa cross courses in the Royale nightclub. There’s a real sense of enjoyable as well as glamour under a cloud of gangster goings-on. The voiceover paints a photo of an area holding its head high and also living the ideal possible life: “Bronzeville’s individuals have never allow discrimination, hardship and illness get them down … The vigour with which they take pleasure in life appears to conceal the gloomy monitorings of statisticians. Also civic leaders who recognize the truths about the black ghetto.” Glossy, interesting as well as slick, Bronzeville will certainly have you addicted.

Released in 1945, later expanded versions added some product connecting to the 1950s as well as 1960s. Relying on substantial research performed in Chicago. Primarily as part of a Works Progress Management program, Drake and Cayton created, according to the Encyclopedia of African American Background, a “foundational message in African American history, cultural studies, and also metropolitan sociology.

Bronzeville citizens chase after the American desire, but damage the surface and also you’ll locate a below ground gaming noise and also the requirement to stay solid in the face of racial tension. For these reasons this show is among our top 5 podcasts.


1. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience
The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience: I was first introduced to Joe Rogan the performer on his show “News Radio.”  These days he is best known forow his podcast. Which leads our Top 5 Podcasts. Yet, you wonder why? Well Joe has a knack for shocking moments in podcasting. As well as bringing out the full personality of his guests. One notable moment was getting Elon Musk to smoke chronic on his episode. Which as you can imagine has gone viral. Joe has evolved from the brash and confrontational tough guy. These days he’s an open minded man who has shared personal moments of failure and loss. He also shared his own spiritual journey.

This show is our leader of our top 5 podcasts. That is because of Joe’s honesty and lack of filter. A true host that doesn’t make the show about himself or rely on gimmicks.

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